Anomie celebrates its thirtieth title

Anomie Publishing is an international publishing house for the arts based in London, UK, and dedicated to enabling quality arts books – especially small and medium print-run titles – to reach the book trade.

Anomie works in partnership with public, independent and commercial galleries, museums, academic institutions, agencies, arts organisations, charities, collectors, artist studios and private clients to publish and co-publish books.

Anomie was established in summer 2013 by publisher and editor Matt Price, who has worked in arts publishing since the turn of the millennium, collaborating with publishers including Frieze, Hatje Cantz, Koenig Books, Phaidon, Rizzoli, and Thames & Hudson.

At the end of 2015 a second imprint, Anomie Academic, was created as an additional platform for scholarly titles, and in 2019 a third was added, Anomie Special Projects.

Working alongside its international distribution partners, Casemate Art, Anomie’s titles are available in the UK, Europe and the USA, with worldwide distribution for selected publications.

Anomie is proud to announce that this month it is celebrating the release of its thirtieth title, ‘Nick Hornby – Zygotes and Confessions’. It was a real pleasure to work with the artist and with Alfredo Cramerotti, director at MOSTYN, Wales, UK, to produce this publication, created to coincide with the artist’s first solo exhibition at a public institution.

Anomie would like to say a big thank you to all the many amazing artists, galleries, writers, photographers, designers, editors, reprographers, printers, binders, distributors, shippers, sales reps, bookshops and booksellers who work so hard to make our books special and get them out into the world. A special thanks to Joe Gilmore / Qubik, who in addition to designing a good number of Anomie’s titles, has been instrumental in Anomie’s wider visual identity. Anomie is also particularly grateful to its regular sub-editor and proofreader William Lambie.

We’d also like to thank everyone who purchases our titles and supports our activities – independent arts publishing can be a challenging industry and there is little more satisfying than knowing that a reader has enjoyed a publication on our lists.