Anomie Publishing is an international publishing house for the arts based in the UK dedicated to enabling quality arts books – especially small and medium print-run titles – to reach the book trade.

Anomie works in partnership with public and commercial galleries, museums, arts organisations, agencies, academic institutions, charities, collectors, established artist studios and private clients to publish or co-publish books.

Anomie Publishing was established by Matt Price, who has worked in arts publishing since the turn of the millennium, collaborating with publishers including Phaidon, Rizzoli, Hatje Cantz, Walther Koenig, Thames & Hudson and Tate Publishing.

Working with international distribution partners, Anomie Publishing’s titles are available in the UK, Europe and the USA, with global distribution available for selected titles.

In addition to traditional printed books, Anomie Publishing is also a digital publisher, producing and working with its distribution partners to release eBooks and other digital format publications for iPads, tablets, Kindles, mobile phones and other devices.