Oliver Clegg

Essay by Martin Herbert, interview with Sina Najafi
288pp + 4pp covers, hardback, 305 x 220 mm, c. 135 colour and b/w images

This is the first major monograph on the British-born, New York-based artist Oliver Clegg. An eclectic, polyphonic and multidisciplinary artist, Clegg’s oeuvre stretches from painting, drawing and printmaking to sculpture, installation, site-specific art, participatory projects and beyond. Indeed, his practice is in many ways a shining example of ‘post-medium’ creativity today, pursuing the essence of art itself beyond any specific medium or artform. The irony is, he’s pretty damn good with each artform too. Read more

Sensory Systems

Foreword by Richard Parry, essay by Dr. Luke Skrebowski
64pp + 4pp covers, softback, 305 x 235 mm, c. 30 colour and b/w images

Sensory Systems documents an engaging group exhibition presented at the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, in autumn 2015. The exhibition is the first in a new annual programme by the gallery each autumn that will revolve around the theme of light, and timed to coincide with the famous Blackpool Illuminations – a six-mile-long outdoor display of lights that has drawn many visitors to the town each year since it was first switched on in 1912. The selection of prominent figures working internationally today who feature in the exhibition and publication are: Angela Bulloch, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Ann Veronica Janssens, Anthony McCall and Conrad Shawcross. Read more

LightScape: James Turrell at Houghton Hall

Texts by David Cholmondeley, Peter Murray, and Hiram C. Butler
102pp + 4pp covers, Hardback, 260 x 300 mm, c. 60 colour and b/w images

James Turrell is widely acknowledged as one of the most important artists working today. From the mid 1960s onwards his principal concern has been the way we apprehend light and space. In summer/autumn 2015, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, hosted an ambitious and significant exhibition of James Turrell’s light pieces, many collected by the Marquess of Cholmondeley, owner of Houghton, who has long been an admirer of his work. The publication has been produced to document the exhibition, and includes a foreword by David Cholmondeley, a text by Peter Murray, and interview with the artist by Hiram C. Butler. Designed by Peter B. Willberg and printed in Italy, this hardback, cloth-covered publication is essential reading for all admirers of Turrell’s oeuvre. Published by Houghton Hall in association with Anomie. Read more

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

Texts by Edward Lucie-Smith and Richard Dyer
236pp + 4pp covers, Hardback, 320 x 268 mm, c. 150 colour and b/w images

This is the first major monograph on the work of one of Britain’s most dynamic artists, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz. His striking paintings and drawings mine the hallowed halls of art history and popular culture in search of visual languages, imagery, themes and motifs that he can appropriate, adapt, use and abuse, bringing together different movements, genres, periods and styles in dialogues that are surprising, innovative, challenging and sometimes provocative. Read more

Nathan Coley – to the Bramley Family of Frestonia

190pp + 4pp covers, Paperback, 220 x 148 mm, c. 60 colour and b/w images

This publication documents an engaging contemporary art project by celebrated Glasgow-based artist Nathan Coley about an extraordinary episode in the history of London’s social housing. At a time when housing and the property market are at the centre of much social, political, economic and cultural debate, Coley’s project is a pertinent and thought-provoking exploration of issues of housing, ownership, history and activism. Read more

Benjamin Senior – Breathless

Featuring an introduction by art critic, writer and curator Sacha Craddock, and essays by Ben Street and Gabor Gyory, ‘Breathless’ is the first monograph on the emerging British painter Benjamin Senior. His paintings conjure up a world that is delightful, curious and distinctly his own – a world in which bathers lounge around pools and swimmers limber up before diving in; where people work-out and where walkers take us into the countryside, or into the city with their dogs.

But Senior’s paintings are also carefully conceived studies of the human body, of shape, line and form, of tone, light and shadow. They are engaging explorations of composition and colour, pattern and geometry, textures and materials, the natural and the manmade. With his distinctive and stylised iconography and an overriding sense of both silence and the suspension of time, Senior’s oeuvre is preoccupied with repression and expression, freedom and conformity, motion and stasis, engagement and disengagement. Read more

Tamara Tracz – Three Books

Text by Tamara Tracz
3 volumes, each 72pp + 4pp covers, Hardback in slipcase, 135 x 210 mm, c. 15 colour and b/w images

‘Three Books’, by the London-based writer, filmmaker and artist Tamara Tracz, is a three-hardback-volume slipcased book. It is a story that follows several generations of a family as their lives unfold in various countries during the twentieth century. The family is a Jewish family, and their story profoundly affected by the Holocaust. It is a story of branches of the family destroyed, and of the survival of others.

‘Three Books’ is also autobiographical, as it is Tracz’s own family that is its subject. Tracz lets us in to her immediate family circle today. With a particular focus on her young children, Riva and Constantin, she shares her inner anxieties about being a mother and the fear of losing her children. These are the thoughts of almost any mother, but here are seen through the prism of the family’s experiences of genocide.

But while Tracz is in some respects every woman – and a Jewish woman in particular – she is also, quite inimitably, Tamara Tracz. A unique and inspiring person, she does things in ways that perhaps only she can. For every word in this book has been handwritten and reproduced as she drew it. The text does not flow as regular lines, but in all manner of configurations and patterns, emphasising the mind’s reading of the text, as if being read aloud for us by the author herself. As such, ‘Three Books’ is a form of artist’s book – a story, a journey and an experience that is not easily forgotten. Read more

Sarah Medway – Voyage

Texts by Andrew Lambirth and Sue Hubbard
112pp + 4pp covers, Flexibound, 260 x 225 mm, c. 75 colour images

Sarah Medway’s abstract paintings are a delicate, evocative and sincere investigation into the nature of light as it manifests itself through the myriad environments that surround us. She navigates us through the different seasons, sometimes on foreign shores – from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and beyond – other times closer to her canal-side studio in central London. This publication presents a major body of work by the artist commissioned for the new P&O Cruises Britannia. This substantial commission – comprising fifty-six paintings – is one of the latest in a long line of commissions by P&O of original works of art by living artists. Specially commissioned texts by Andrew Lambirth and Sue Hubbard offer an illuminating and insightful introduction to Medway’s oeuvre and to this significant new series of paintings. Read more

Anna Freeman Bentley – Mobility and Grandeur

Introduction by Michele Robecchi, texts by Marina Cashdan and Ben Quash
98pp + 4pp covers, Hardback, 220 x 190 mm, c. 75 colour images

Anna Freeman Bentley (b. Freeman, 1982) is a painter based in London. Her practice
explores the built environment, architecture and interiors, inviting emotive, psychological and semiotic readings of space. With an intense, regularly dark palette and energetic yet often intricate brushwork, her paintings depict all manner of places – derelict factories and warehouses, baroque buildings, shops, cafes, and modern industrial and corporate architecture. With a particular focus on the relationships between the design of architecture, its function and use, how these uses change over time, and how streets, areas, communities and cities decline, regenerate and gentrify, Freeman Bentley’s practice documents the changing vocabulary of architecture and captures some of the complex dynamics, atmospheres, politics and states of mind that these places engender. Read more